Mold Maker CNC Router Milling YX-3636




Mold Maker CNC Router Milling YX-4040



Mold Maker CNC Router Milling ZX-4030

Mold Maker CNC Router Milling ZX-4030



Mold Maker CNC Router Milling ZX-6060

Mold Maker CNC Router Milling ZX-6060




CNC Milling CM1270 NCs and Wireless MPG

CNC Milling CM1270 NCs and Wireless MPG



CNC Milling CM1270 ,controller GSK

CNC Milling CM1270 GSK



CNC Center Milling YM-0603t

CNC Center Milling YM-06035



CNC Center Milling YM-06035T

CNC Center Milling YM-06035T




CNC Drilling ZK-5550

CNC Drilling ZK-5550


CNC Center Milling YM-1165T

CNC Center Milling YM-1165T


How to Choose the Right CNC Routers + CNC Milling Machines
Everything you need to know about CNC Router, CNC Center Milling Machine

  1. What do you need to make or produce?

First, you need to know if you want to make a sample model or decoration or if you want to go for mass production. If you want to make hard material sample such as metal or stone, you will need a tough, strong, heavy and high-power CNC router machine. If you want to make a foam, thin plastic or cut paper you will need a normal or light CNC router machine to save cost and space. A stronger the machine is always better, even if you want to cut soft material, but you want to run fast. The momentum of CNC depends on the strength of the machine. This is the physic; if you run fast and reverse fast the momentum will pull or push you away. So, you will need a strong and heavy machine with the right mechanic and electric motor or drive.

  1. What parts to choose for CNC Center, CNC Router?

There are thousands of parts in the CNC router. Choosing the right parts for CNC routers can be very complicated. There are multiple parts from machine structure, motor, drive, rail, rack, pinion, ball screw, limit switches, cover, spindle, collet, cutting tools, cable carrier, cable, socket, controller board, magnetic switch and much more. There is inexpensive to very expensive hardware that we can choose from, made in Germany to Japan to the USA to China to Thailand and so on. The expensive CNC parts don’t always fit the CNC routers well all the time. For example, if you have a very big and fast CNC tool changer disk, but your CNC router cannot run fast to get the tool changer; then it’s doesn’t work well together. On the opposite hand, if you choose very fast mechanic linear rail for your X, Y, Z CNC router but your controller doesn’t respond fast enough, your CNC router will also not run fast. All the parts must be synchronized together or make a good harmony together to make the best CNC milling or CNC Router. To have this harmonic CNC center, you will need great experience, learning skills and long practices. There is no such thing as just one most important part. The machine is just like a person. When you’re good with your hands, but you don’t use your brain, then it doesn’t work. When you have a good brain, but you don’t have legs, then you cannot walk. Or your leg is injured, then you cannot run well. Therefore, the motor and drive of your CNC Router must be synchronized, run and fixed properly with linear rail and with a rigid structure base.

  1. Top CNC Routers/ CNC Center

CNC routers are widely used in many industries. We will select some of CNC routers which are used in the same industries such as woodworking, car factory, watch cabinet, auto industry, decoration, furniture, hardware shop, cellphone, home appliance, fabric, aluminum, copper, metal processing. Because CNC router X, Y, Z can extend from 300mm to unlimited such as 20,000mm.

  1. Why buy CNC Router from SaleCNC?

We are manufacturer, designer and marketer. We build the machine, design the machine and marketing in our house. We buy vast quantities from our supplier, so we pass on the saving cost to our customer. We sell in more than 50 countries around the world. We have a brand name and well-known customers such as Nike, Toyota, Denso, 7/11, Adda, Adidas, Mitsubishi, Microsoft, as our loyal customers.

  1. How to assemble CNC Router?

This is experience, experience and experience. We accumulate tremendous experiences to build excellent CNC routers. Many believe when they have the same parts, they can assemble the same machine. It’s wrong to believe that the same parts can result in building the same machine. An experienced craftsman needs to carefully assemble it one by one with a nice tower, oil and rigid granite table. They need to measure every part according to the drawing with the right fittings and screws. Making the perfect CNC Router is harder than just say, it needs heart and time to do so.

  1. Top 10 CNC Routers/ CNC Milling

Here are the top 10 CNC Router. We will list from No. 10 to No.1
No. 10 CNC Mini Router AJ3040. This is a small machine, cost-effective. The working area is only 300×400 for small parts.
No. 9 CNC Router foam cutter. This machine is using wire as well as CNC spindle to cut all kind of foam material.
No. 8 CNC Router + Oscillating knife vibrating cut. Mostly used for advertisement, billboards and such.
No. 7 CNC Router XJ1840 Machine. This is a large machine for big advertisement or big parts such as auto parts.
No. 6 CNC tool changer 1300×2500 M25. This machine is used to make wood, furniture and such.
No. 5 CNC 5 Axis Super machine controller. This is the most advanced CNC machine using the best controller, servo motor/drive, strong and rigid mechanic. Well design for excellent cut and engraving.
No .4 CNC Router Tool changer A6060. Mostly used for mold making. Aluminum mold for shoe, plastic, vacuum mold, machine fitting, machine parts and so on.
No. 3 CNC Router CX-1325 with vacuum table. This comes with a large vacuum system for easy clamping, easy to use for flat plate, wood, plastic, metal such as aluminum, copper, brass.
No. 2 CNC Router XJ6090. All-time economy size 600x900mm machine. It’s a very convenient machine for limited spaces but still can work well in every area.
No. 1 CNC Router CX1325 1300×2500. This is the number 1 and mass production CNC router machine. Its size is more than 3.2×2.1meter. The machine is being sold at economical price, producing more than 10,000 machines per year because of high demand 4×8 ft standard material such as MDF, flat wood. It can also cut engrave acrylic, plastic, aluminum, soft and hard material.

  1. What is crucial and limit of CNC Router?

There’s no actual limit of CNC Router but there is extension that CNC Z axis can do. If the Z axis of CNC Router, the body of CNC Router must be very strong otherwise it will be like a cone head. When the machine moves, the machine will vibrate or shake heavily. Therefore, the design of CNC Router is very crucial for every step, every part, every fitting. If X extension is too wide or too large, CNC Router support column on both sides also needs to be rigid. It’s best to use finite element (FEM) analyze to build the CNC router as do. This way the machine doesn’t vibrate, it is rigid and stable when cutting or engraving the material.

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